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The Edge of the Abyss : City of Twilight, (sometimes referred to as "Twilight") is an active RP in the EGS Mayhem forums.



In a world where humans, Seyunolus, Uryuoms, and some other species all live together, there lies a city that is a major nexus of activity. Many years ago, the Abyss, a force of pure Darkness, appeared, and slowly started consuming the world. The Abyss takes the form of a huge dark barrier that advances accross the world, consuming all it overtakes. For reasons unknown, the progress of the Abyss was halted when it reached the city. A small amount of the city was consumed, but nothing major.

Since the city lies on the edge of this pure Darkness, it has come to be called the City of Twlight, or just Twilight. Since the Abyss stopped at its edge, it has not moved at all, and nothing strange about it has happened... until now.

Things are beginning to change, and the forces of Darkness are beginning to move. Nobody knows their motives, but their methods are open and brutal.

Coinciding with the start of these events, several travellers enter Twilight, all for various reasons, all from different places. And all of them will likely be plunged into the events that will change Twilight forever...

About the RP

Twilight is an open RP; anyone can drop in at anytime, and leave at any time. There's only really one prerequisite (that your character is not overpowered; if they do have a lot of power, there must be limits/constraints on that power (for example, when Umbrael uses the higher stages of his power, it has some pretty dangerous ramifications for his health)), and anyone who wants to join is encouraged to do so.

There are a few important NPCs in the RP, but they will all be controlled by Windzarko (who is the GM) when necessary.


Regular characters:

  • Umbrael, a Dark-shrouded winged man - played by Windzarko
  • Alex, a prince of Narbithia - played by Kum-El
  • Phoenix, a winged young man with powers over fire - played by Riona
  • Myuka, a street-wise girl who lives in Twilight - also played by Riona
  • Trave, the squirrel-man - played by Jonixlord

There have been several other characters who were either there only briefly, or hung around for a fair while (like Jesse_God_of_Awesome, with his jackass Drow sorceror character).

Special Mention:

Miss_Sidhe of the many characters


  • Innkeeper Barnes - the man who owns and runs the Traveller's Refuge Inn at the edge of the city. Most travellers into or out of the city will stop here at least once, and there are many rooms for those who wish to stay a while. There is even a portal there which links to other worlds (many characters entered through this portal)
  • Mayor Kimra - the Uryuom Mayor, very proper. Wouldn't be cuaght dead without his big black top hat. He is widely respected by the citizens of Twilight, and has effeciently run the city since he was first elected in seven years before. He has a deep concern for all of the citizens of Twilight, and those who pass through the city.
  • Slow Alf - an Uryuom who seems to always be in one corner of The Square, and never seems to be elsewhere. Whilst it may be difficult to get anything out of him due to his apparent slowness and his often cryptic speech, he knows almost anything that happens in Twilight, and is a valuable source of knowledge and information. (Note: Alf has not yet actually appeared in the RP)
  • Kitsubi - a Seyunolu girl who is a blend of human, squirrel and fox. She lives in a small, abandoned building near the Abyss, and lives as a special kind of thief; she will steal something from someone for fun, but then returns it to them if she thinks the victim is a good person. Optimistic, bubbly, and often quite flirty, she loves to make friends with anyone she can. (Note: Kitsubi has not yet revealed herself in the RP)

The City


  1. The Darkness (the Abyss)
  2. Evacuated Zone (inhabited only by the homeless/squaters/those on the run)
  3. The Square
  4. Oblivion Road
  5. Broken Road
  6. Skyvale Road
  7. Clearbrook Rise
  8. Twilight Miracle Tower (this place is city's main monument and is also the mayor's offices)
  9. The Great Arch
  10. Serenity Park
  11. Great Temple Library (surrounded by lush gardens)
  12. Traveller's Refuge inn
  13. The Gatehouse
  14. Eternal Caverns (north tourist entrance)
  15. Eternal Caverns (south tourist entrance)
  16. Kitsubi's Hangout
  17. Slow Alf's corner
  18. 3 Skyvale Road (house up for rent, 3 tenants maximum)
  19. Clearbrook Rise Apartments (4 flats free, all for one person/couple)
  20. Lake Astarae

Note: more info to follow later, possibly including a brief summary of the plot so far.

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